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Phytate - Treatment

Birgit Reissland, Karin Scheper and Sabine Fleischer (2007)

The calcium phytate – calcium bicarbonate treatment requires to carry out several treatment steps in the right sequence. This chapter provides paper conservators with the description of an optimized immersion procedure. Following this procedure will minimize treatment side effects.

However, working with unique items like manuscripts or drawings requires to be flexible and to adapt treatment procedures whenever necessary. Including additional pre- or post-treatment steps, using different application systems (local application, suction table, etc.) or adjusting the drying procedure might be inevitable to optimize the treatment result. Different workshop equipment or facilities might require modification of the treatment.

The described method does not intend to be a standard procedure. Instead, this chapter aims to enable paper conservators to understand each treatment step as well as the sequence of steps in order to independently modify the treatment whenever the circumstances require this. The authors can not be held responsible for any damage caused by the application of the described method.


Ca_Phytate1 Ca_Phytate2