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Ink Corrosion Prognosis - A new perspective 

Collection keepers are challenged to take action to prevent future ink corrosion damage that would result in loss of collection value. However, to assess the urgency of preventive measures in specific cases, no help was available sofar. In response to this need, we present here a new on-line tool: the Ink Corrosion Prognosis - Computer Simulation. 

This online web service can be used to estimate the risk of ink corrosion. The development of this software tool has been made possible with financial support of Metamorfoze, the Dutch National Programme for the Preservation of Paper Heritage. The Ink Corrosion Prognosis - Web Service is designed to assist collection keepers to identify artifacts at high risk, to outline conservation priorities and to decide on mitigation strategies that efficiently minimize the ink corrosion risk.

Current state
Predicted state