The Iron Gall Ink Website

Research: IGI Art technology

  • Research into Van Gogh's studio practice (since 2009)

NL: The Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), in collaboration with the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (Amsterdam) and Shell Research investigate the various inks that Vincent van Gogh used in his drawings and letters.


  • Investigation of Ink Corroded Manuscripts with synchrotron radiation (since 2002)
    Germany: research conducted by Oliver Hahn, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Berlin
    Birgit Kanngießer, Wolfgang Malzer, Institut für Atomare Physik und Fachdidaktik, Technische Universität Berlin and Max Wilke, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Universität Potsdam


  • InkCor - Stabilisation of Iron Gall Ink Containing Paper (2002-2005)
    Collection of historical ink recipes, Vitriol manufacture, tannin sources etc.

Europe: research project supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme and contributing to the implementation of the Key Action The City of Tomorrow and Culture Heritage within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.


  • FTIR-techniques applied to iron gall inked damaged paper (2000) 
    France: research conducted by Remazeilles Céline, Quillet Véronique, Bernard Jacky Lemma, Université de La Rochelle, avenue Marillac, 17042 La Rochelle Cedex


  • Shell and the Fine Arts 
    Shell Research and Technology Centre, Amsterdam

  • Jack C. Thompson, Thompson Conservation Lab

wrote a book on manuscript inks: