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Preparation of a calcium-bicarbonate solution

The calcium bicarbonate solution needs to be prepared a day in advance. To prepare a saturated calcium-bicarbonate solution, an excess of calcium-carbonate powder is added to distilled water. Calcium carbonate is poorly soluble in water - therefore carbon dioxide is dissolved in the water which facilitates the dissolution of the calcium carbonate powder. In case that a large quantity of a calcium-bicarbonate solution is needed, the solution can be prepared with the aid of professional equipment. Such systems usually combine a tap-water purification system and a re-mineralization system, adding calcium and/or magnesium bicarbonate.


For smaller quantities, the following methods are applicable: 

>  often used in conservation studios are soda siphons, also known as “seltzer bottle”, with     disposable carbon dioxide cartridges 
> relatively new on the market are kitchen devices for making sparkling mineral water (different brands, i.e. “Soda Club”) Link:
> if no equipment is at hand, commercially available bottles of sparkling mineral water (soda water) can be used
> occasionally, different types of a “calcium reactor” (available in aquarium supply shops) are suggested.


Instructions: Preparation of a saturated calcium-bicarbonate solution(pdf) alt