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Preparation of a gelatine solution

In general two main types of gelatine are available: gelatine type A (produced under acid conditions) and gelatine type B (produced under alkaline conditions). Gelatine manufacturers provide gelatines of defined properties. For re-sizing and mending of ink corroded manuscripts, type B gelatines are recommended. They should have a high or medium Bloom degree (>200g). A food-quality gelatine is sufficient in purity (ash content <1%).

Extensive information on raw materials, production processes, product properties etc. are provided on the websites of gelatine manufacturers as “Gelita-The Gelatine Group”, “DFG Stoess” and others.


altInstructions: Preparation of the gelatine solution (pdf)

altReference: Kolbe, Gesa (2001):

  • Reference: Kolbe (2004): Gelatine in Historical Paper Production and as Inhibiting Agent for Iron-Gall Ink Corrosion on Paper. In: Restaurator, Vol. 25: 26-39.