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Phytate - Preparation of treatment solutions

Birgit Reissland, Karin Scheper and Sabine Fleischer (2007)

This chapter provides detailed descriptions how to prepare the treatment solutions necessary to carry out a calcium phytate / calcium bicarbonate treatment as well as Japanese paper strips for mending. It includes guidelines on each treatment step in the right sequence. To allow easy access to the information, step-by step instructions with images are given in PDF-format. References for further reading are included.

For a complete treatment, three solutions have to be prepared in advance: a calcium-phytate solution, a saturated calcium-bicarbonate solution and a gelatine solution. For the calcium bicarbonate solution it is necessary to start the preparations a day before carrying out the treatment. This will take about 15 minutes but the solution needs to be stored overnight in a fridge. Both the gelatine solution and the calcium-phytate solution can be prepared either a day in advance or early on the treatment day. The gelatine solution will take less then 10 minutes to prepare but it needs at least an hour to swell before use.


Fig_3_1 Fig_3_2



Ref.: For general information how solutions have to be prepared, the following website provides a straightforward explanation with easy understandable text, applicable examples and solutions for common practice problems: Carolina’s Solution Preparation Manual. Instructions (pdf)